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A Question of Justice - Conard County - by Rachel Lee

Published: December 1, 1994

A Question of
by Rachel Lee

"A jury might convict, anyway,"Garrett said.

"They might. It would probably get overturned on appeal, though. But we're far from through gathering evidence. I'm hoping against hhope that the genetic testing proves unequivocally that Nighthawk didn't do it. That would settle it fast. But..." Sandy chewed her lip and looked away.

"But you want the bad guy caught and put behind bars, yeah. Me, too."

"I keep getting afraid that maybe people will stop looking for the truth because they think they have the right man in custody. That the real rapist will hurt another little girl. And that an innocent man will rot in jail."

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Garrett Hancock: He wasn't usually on the side of the defense--but he was always on the side of the truth.

Sandy Keller: She couldn't stand by as an innocent man was sent to prison.

As Texas Ranger Garrett Hancock helped lawyer Sandy Keller in her lonely, dangerous quest to prove that the wrong man stood accused of a brutal crime, he found himself drawn to her fierce passion for justice.

And he also found himself wanting this brave, beautiful woman more than he had ever wanted anything in his life.


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