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Welcome to Rachel Lee's personal blog. Rachel explores the world of Conard County and invites you to join her.

23 Sep, 2009  

Been sick <sigh>

I hate this. I spent nearly the first 50+ years of my life with unassailable good health. No longer. I've reached a stage of existence where I actually can discuss the pros and cons of a variety of antibiotics with my doctor.

"Oh that one makes me cranky."

"That one gives me heart palpitations."

"That one keeps me from sleeping."

I have a friend who needs a platelet donation right now, and I can't give because I'm taking antibiotics. What's with this?

Which is not to say I never got ill in the past. No, I had some major crises, like polio when I was a toddler, and I lost my gallbladder along the way, and had peritonitis once. But those were major crises, and never made me feel like I was unhealthy.

I suppose I should be darn grateful for all those healthy years, but I'm wondering when my doctor became my best friend and hoping this isn't a harbinger of years to come.

But antibiotics do make me cranky. As if you can't tell. ;)

Hope all of you are feeling well and happy. And I promise to be cheerier in my next blog. :)




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Your personal description here puts forth the fact that life is a mix of both good and bad times. Praying for hope.

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sarahtiffin , June 21, 2012 | url

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