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Rachel Lee's Blog

Welcome to Rachel Lee's personal blog. Rachel explores the world of Conard County and invites you to join her.

Archive >> April 2009

Wow!  What a wonderful experience, start to finish.  I promised myself I would blog all about it as soon as I got home, but I find I'm exhausted.  I'm just not as young as I once was, and it takes me a little longer to recover from go-go-go. :)

 And at RT, you definitely go, go go.  We all sounded like frogs by Friday evening, and some of us were so tired we actually missed the Vampire Ball.  Sorry, I was one of the ones who missed it, but I felt I couldn't move another step.

 My workshop went well, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Author Chat with a lot of stellar writers.  I was honored

Finally learned that THE MAN FROM NOWHERE, our mystery guy who stalks the darkened streets of Conard City trying to save a woman he doesn't know from a killer, will be published in February 2010.

 Also just finished another in the series: SAVING KAY.  That's a tentative title, so don't hold me to it. :)  A crusty hermit is obliged to help save a woman from the ex-boyfriend who is trying to kill her.  A blizzard hinders matters but only briefly.  Two wounded souls meet, and cross boundaries of fear and self-loathing to find healing in each other. 

 I'll be in Orlando this weekend for the RT

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