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Rachel Lee's Blog

Welcome to Rachel Lee's personal blog. Rachel explores the world of Conard County and invites you to join her.

Archive >> March 2009

30 Mar, 2009

A writer's insanity

Okay, tense scene finished. Cripes, the world was falling down around my ears as I tried to write this intensely emotional and difficult scene with tears pouring down my face, sitting on the edge of my chair.

Then the cat started attacking, wanting hugs, Yahoo started pinging, the daughter started talking, business e-mail kept popping up, until finally I just blew up all over everyone. And now I need to apologize to everyone.  So much for putting headphones on to cut off the world. :(

When I write, I am very much inside the character, and this was tough and ugly and painful. I was feeling

30 Mar, 2009


My newest Conard County book, coming to stores near you soon, if it isn't already there, has gone through a long process of title changes.  We started with "Visions", finally switched to "Visions of Murder" which is why you see the prologue to the book listed under that title here on the site, and finally came up with PROTECTOR OF ONE.  That has stuck through the rest of the editing process.

  When a schoolteacher has unwelcome visions of a double homicide, she is shaken enough to take it to the sheriff.  And of course, at first she isn't believed until she comes up with a few details that the

30 Mar, 2009

TWILIGHT and more

Times are tough.  Need I say more?  I'm sure they are for many of you, too, and it's getting harder to keep the happy face on.

THE MAN FROM NOWHERE has been edited but I still don't have a pub date on it.

My daughter urged me to read the TWILIGHT series by Stephenie Meyer.  For those of you who love vampires, this has got to be one of the best.  It sure kept me reading straight through four books.

 In fact, since I'm between contracts at the moment, it has inspired me to write my own Young Adult novel.  No vampires in mine, sorry to say. But would you settle for an angel?   I'm humming along on

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