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Rachel Lee's Blog

Welcome to Rachel Lee's personal blog. Rachel explores the world of Conard County and invites you to join her.

Archive >> May 2009

22 May, 2009

Some music to move you

My youngest son shared this with us yesterday, and I highly recommend that when you have about ten minutes you visit this website. It's called Playing for Change, and a very inventive guy recorded street musicians and pros around the world singing the same songs, then mixed and overlaid them into single cuts. The result is wonderful music and a video montage that simply warms my heart.

 Here are two of my favorites:

Stand by Me


One Love

 There are other songs available, a bio for everyone who appears (including Bono in one cut) and an explanation of how this project came about.

This is one

20 May, 2009

Unhappy becomes happy

Yes, really.

For nine years we have had a Siberian Husky named Kinli.  You can see his photo elsewhere on the site, either on his own page, or on our newest family member page with our calico kitten Callie.

 There is no question that Kinli was mistreated before we got him.  How and to what extent we don't know.  He had a huge cut in his side, he was terrified of men, and it took nearly two years for him to learn that being petted can be nice.

 But in all those nine years, we've often thought he was miserable and that nothing could make him happy.  Three to four times a year he would become

Okay, I came home from RT in Orlando with a to-do list.  People I promised to send copies of my workshop to, a blog I wanted to write containing details of the convention, the workshops, the chats, even some hot-links to other authors' sites so I could share the pleasure a little bit.

 Well, I haven't gotten to any of it.  I'm so far behind on the book that's due on July 1, I'm getting a little panicky.  It's like trying to herd frogs, frankly.  I've written and rewritten the first hundred pages more times than I want to admit, and somehow the story just kept slipping away from me.  I think I

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